5 Ways To Stay Healthy Over The Holiday Season

The holidays have a way of throwing off our routines as we cram shopping, decorating and baking into an already-packed schedule. Here are a few ways to preserve your health during this stressful season.

Stay active

Time is at a premium during the hectic weeks leading up to the holidays, but this is not the time to compromise on self-care. Make it a priority to incorporate movement and exercise into your holiday schedule. One strategy is to break activities into smaller time intervals – perhaps two 20-minute walks or workouts – instead of one 40-minute session. Also, don’t forget to make time for the things you enjoy, whether it’s a hot bath, a manicure or reading a magazine article. These activities are not an indulgence, but an important way to restore your energy and manage stress.

Simplify to ease stress

Many of our holiday gatherings will look different this year due to the coronavirus. Make the situation into an opportunity to plan and participate in fewer, smaller and simpler festivities. By simplifying, your family can concentrate on the meaning of the holidays while easing the stress of the season.

Focus on the celebrations, not the food

Instead of creating an event that centers on a feast, plan a gathering that includes games, crafts or music. By changing the focus of the event, you are less likely to overeat. When you take the time to focus on real connections and genuine conversations with friends and loved ones, the need to load up on holiday indulgences becomes less important. Of course, you can still enjoy your holiday favorites but when you do partake, fill half of your plate with colorful vegetables and high-nutrient foods, and then choose those high-calorie favorites as a smaller portion.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Up to 70% of the body is water, so it’s easy to understand why staying hydrated is vital for cells, organs, brain and muscles to function properly. Dehydration not only hurts physical health, it also leads to poor concentration, headaches and a negative mood. By drinking water (still, carbonated or fruit-infused) at every opportunity throughout the day, you keep your body and mind operating at peak efficiency during this busy time of year. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. When merrymaking, try to limit your alcohol intake by drinking a glass of water after each cocktail.

Get your rest

Even though your schedule may be packed, stay on track with your sleeping hours. Maintain any evening routines that help you wind down from your day and try to get to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Ensure your bedroom is relaxing, quiet and dark so it’s easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

By following these suggestions, you will help ensure you start the new year with your good health intact.