Summer is just around the corner. That means swimsuit and shorts weather. Are you looking at it with excitement or dread? If you dread pulling out your summer wardrobe because you’ve put on some “winter pounds”, or you need a new swimsuit and shopping for one is creating anxiety, you’re not alone. Eight-two percent of Americans said they wanted to lose weight this year, and 37% said they wanted to exercise more. Do you fall into either of these categories?

If you’re like most women, with a hectic lifestyle and too many commitments, eating right and exercising often fall to the bottom of the priority list. For some of us, we lack the commitment, resources and support needed to live a healthier life. The fact is, if you don’t take care of yourself, no one will do it for you. If being a “healthier you” tops your list, read on to learn about common barriers that hold women back and find out how A Woman’s View can help you prepare for summer and beyond.

Eating Healthy

Barrier #1: Eating Healthy is Hard

Finding the time to integrate healthy eating into busy lives and knowing what types of foods you should be eating are some of the most difficult hurdles women face when trying to lose weight. What we suggest is a perspective change. Instead of thinking about all of the big changes you’ll have to make, break it down into smaller, more manageable ones. When it comes to eating healthy, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Carve out an hour each week to plan your menu for the coming week and you’ll be more successful than you are by just winging it.

A Woman’s View just unveiled a “new and improved” weight management program called Why Weight. Our program follows a low calorie ketogenic diet, which means eating foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates. This will put your body in a state of ketosis, making it easier to use proteins—and especially fats—for energy. The low-calorie component takes the process a step further, triggering the body to burn its own fat stores. When properly followed, a ketogenic diet can produce more rapid weight loss than diets that only limit calories.

Why Weight is a medically-supervised, structured program that will make it easier to eat healthy. Specific food lists and food diaries provide the framework and help you track your efforts. High protein meal replacement bars, shakes and other pre-packaged foods are available, if needed. And you’ll work with a health coach who will provide education and support throughout your journey. To keep meals interesting and flavorful, we’ll provide you with access to recipes and resources.

We understand that every person is different and will cater the program to the specific needs and health situation of each participant. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Let us arm you with the tools, knowledge and support you need to reach your health goals.


Barrier #2: I Have No Time for Exercise

According to the Center for Disease Control, nearly 80% of adult Americans don’t get the recommended amount of exercise each week. Fifty-seven percent of those surveyed said that they didn’t meet the weekly goals due to lack of time. Do you find yourself in the same boat?

Exercise is extremely important to your overall health – and even more important when you are trying to lose weight. Why Weight includes an exercise component and your health coach will talk to you about what works best for your lifestyle and current health status. Consider the following information to help you overcome the exercise hurdle:

  • You only need 15 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity or 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity 5 days a week to start seeing results. This can be something simple like walking around your building during your lunch break.
  • Finding a 15 or 30-minute break in your day might still seem difficult, but it’s more manageable than finding time for an hour-long session at the gym.
  • Moderate aerobic exercise can include brisk walking, swimming, or even mowing the lawn.
  • Reducing the amount that you sit during the day can also get your metabolism moving.
  • You can break your “30 minutes a day” into smaller increments, if time is an issue. Instead of taking one, thirty-minute walk, take three ten-minute walks per day. They can be around the block of your neighborhood or around the field at your child’s soccer practice.

Why Weight participants will have access to an exercise journal to increase accountability and support weekly goal setting. Your health coach will review your exercise journal at your weekly weigh-in. She can also provide you with emotional support and recommend new activities as you progress. Integrating regular physical activity into your lifestyle provides great benefits whether you’re in weight loss mode or just trying to stay healthy.

Cycling Class

Barrier #3: I Can’t Do It Alone

According to a study from the American Psychological Association, participants who enrolled in a weight-loss program with friends were more successful in losing weight and keeping the weight off. Two-thirds of those who enrolled with friends had kept their weight off six months after their weight loss programs ended, whereas only a quarter of those who participated on their own had achieved that same success. Many experts agree that “buddying up” can make the difference between failure and success with any weight loss program, and there is an increasing evidence that shows that social support is an extremely influential factor in weight loss.

While everyone likely has different weight loss goals, having a support network provides a higher level of accountability and allows you to share accomplishments. It also provides you with resources that can keep you on track when you might be falling off the wagon. That’s why we’ve integrated various support elements into the Why Weight program, including:

  • Weekly weigh-ins and meetings with a health coach that provide you with individualized attention as well as emotional and mental support.
  • Private Facebook group that allows you to connect with and utilize other participants as a resource. You can offer support, exchange recipes, share progress, and interact with one another and your health coach, at any time.

Accountability and support are two important secrets to successful weight loss. Both can help you stay focused on making good choices daily — such as eating an apple instead of a cookie or completing your workout — that result in consistent behaviors and a healthier you.

Drinking Water

Barrier #4: But Water is Boring!

Our bodies are 70% water. Water aids in digestion, circulation, absorption of nutrients, helps energize muscles and the list goes on. And yet, 40% of Americans don’t drink enough water. When participating in a weight loss program, especially a ketogenic plan, drinking plenty of water can help keep your body chemistry in balance, help you control your appetite by making you feel fuller, and it supports the ketogenic process.

With Why Weight, water intake is critical as passing more urine is an effect of ketosis as your body breaks down stored fat. Drinking additional water will replace this fluid loss and protect you from dehydration or electrolyte imbalance. Drinking water is also important when exercising. When cells don’t maintain their balance of fluids and electrolytes, they shrivel which can result in muscle fatigue and hamper your workouts. Besides weight loss, drinking plenty of water maintains healthy, glowing skin, supports healthy kidneys which rid your body of toxins, and aids in maintaining normal bowel function.

While water might not be the most exciting drink in your refrigerator, it is the most important. If you want to “spice up” your water, try adding in fresh lemon, limes or berries. To ensure that you drink the recommended amount of water use a marked water bottle. Drinking water is a huge component to healthy and successful weight loss so figure out what works for you and stick to it.