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2020 has been a year of anxiety with COVID-19 worries dominating the news and affecting our lives. If you’re like most women we see at our practice, you are coping with multiple burdens, like managing new family schedules, helping children adjust to remote learning and assisting friends or family members who struggle with isolation because they are immunocompromised or elderly. As women, we tend to put others needs before our own, but here at A Woman’s View, we urge you to take care of yourself FIRST. As the saying goes, “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” Be sure you are staying current with your doctor visits, mammogram and other routine testing. This issue of Just Between Us includes strategies to safeguard your health and replenish your energy.

Meet The Newest Member Of Our Staff

We are happy to welcome our new provider, Crystal Evans, FNP-C!

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At A Woman’s View, we work tirelessly to give each of our patients a personalized, memorable experience when they visit us.

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Little Things Can Make Your Day Brighter

Studies have shown a link between a positive outlook and health benefits like lower blood pressure, decreased stress and better blood sugar levels. Here are just a few everyday actions that can boost your spirits and your well-being

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Healthcare For Women, By Women

Women experience health issues and diseases differently than men do. At A Woman’s View, you receive individualized care from an integrated team, all working together for your benefit.

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5 Ways To Stay Healthy Over The Holiday Season

The holidays have a way of throwing off our routines as we cram shopping, decorating and baking into an already-packed schedule. Here are a few ways to preserve your health during this stressful season.

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