We recognize Dr. Lauren Hill! Lauren joined A Woman’s View in 2019. She has a deep and abiding love for JRR Tolkien’s works. She hasn’t read them all, but she is working on it! In her “imaginary free time,” she likes to play the piano. She played a lot in high school and is trying to get back into it (her focus at the moment is Hamilton!).

Lauren has two young children at home, as well as a puppy, Daisy.

When asked her favorite thing about working at A Woman’s View, she shared, “Definitely the people. I know I can reach out for support to any of my coworkers at any time! Working in healthcare is hard, but it’s so much better with people who put a smile on your face.”

Lauren loves OB/Gyn because it has a little bit of everything – surgery, hospital and office days, well and sick patients, young and older women, plus delivering babies! “No two days are the same,” she said, “which keeps life fun.” She also loves getting to know her patients through a pregnancy and then continuing to care for them afterwards and maintain that relationship.