Summer Self-Care Ideas

This summer, make taking care of yourself a priority. Self-care isn’t just for special occasions like a yoga workshop or spa day.

You can incorporate it into your daily routine. Use a few simple tactics to improve your physical and emotional well-being during the next few months.

1) Unplug!

Sometimes you need to disconnect to reconnect with yourself and others. So put down the smartphone, sign off the computer and make time to rediscover the things that make you feel alive and happy. Whether it’s gardening, painting, hiking, cooking, or reading a book, engaging in meaningful activities helps boost your mood and decreases anxiety.

Another mood booster? Keeping in touch with friends and family. This can be especially important for those who are feeling isolated by working at home. Take advantage of the warmer weather to meet outdoors for face-to-face conversations and fun activities.

2) Catch up on health screenings and medical appointments.

Many people put their medical care on pause during the pandemic, allowing doctor appointments and dental visits to lapse. Now is the time to catch up with your physical health.

The first step? Schedule your annual mammogram now. Visit to learn more.

3) Take advantage of fresh summer produce.

Make the most of the season by adding the color and texture of local fresh vegetables and fruits to your meals. Be sure to think beyond salads with grilled vegetables, kebabs, slaws and spiralized vegetable stir-fries.

Incorporating fresh summer greens, veggies and berries into your daily diet not only helps you get necessary vitamins and fiber. These foods are also loaded with antioxidants that help reduce the risk of illness and prevent tissue damage.