Achieving optimum reproductive health is often more complicated than simply adding a prenatal vitamin to your daily routine. When you schedule a visit with A Woman’s View, we can share information and strategies that help you and your partner increase fertility, conceive, and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

An initial consultation

The goal of our first appointment is to better understand your medical and menstrual history. Since there are many health issues that affect fertility, your visit will include a physical exam and some basic blood tests. Your hormone levels, thyroid and adrenal gland conditions, stress levels and how you exercise and eat can all influence your ability to get pregnant.

The essentials: healthy eggs and sperm

Your lab tests will tell us more about the number and quality of your eggs. We can also determine whether ovulation is occurring each month by helping track your basal body temperature or using over-the-counter ovulation predictor kits. It is important to analyze the semen of your male partner to determine if he is producing enough sperm and if the sperm are healthy and moving the way they should.

Further evaluation

If ovulation and sperm count appear normal, additional tests and imaging studies can help reveal the cause of fertility problems. Conditions like a blocked fallopian tube, endometriosis or uterine fibroids may be the culprit. The doctors at A Woman’s View are trained to handle any of the difficulties you face and offer the newest infertility treatments. If you decide to pursue advanced assisted treatments like in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination, we collaborate with a number of reproductive specialists and can provide you with a referral.

Supporting you at every step

Our caring clinicians and staff understand the emotional and physical toll that struggling with infertility can cause. We are here to help find the answers and guide you to a happy outcome.