Drug Interaction Quiz

How Much Do You Know About Medicine Interactions?

Every year thousands of people have problems when the medicines they take
interact with each other. This might be between prescription and over-the-counter (OTC)
medicines. Or it might be between medicines and herbal products. Other interactions can
happen between medicines and certain foods or health conditions. Learn what you can do to
prevent these interactions by taking this quiz.

1. Many things can change how well a medicine works.

2. When 2 or more medicines interact with each other, it creates
a “helpful” side effect.

3. A medicine-food interaction happens when a medicine interacts with a substance
in a food or beverage.

4. A medicine-alcohol interaction can make you very sleepy.

5. A medicine-condition interaction happens when a medicine harms you when you have
a health condition.

6. OTC and prescription medicines don’t interact with herbal remedies and supplements.

7. Use the same pharmacy for all your prescriptions to make drug interactions less

8. You don’t need to read the labels of OTC medicines if you have taken them before.

9. Talk with your pharmacist or healthcare provider before taking any new OTC medicine.

10. If you have a medicine interaction, call your healthcare provider.