Nasal Surgery: Preparing for Surgery

Nasal Surgery: Preparing for Surgery

Nasal surgery may be done at your
healthcare provider’s office, a surgery center, or a hospital. You will be told how
prepare for surgery. Follow these directions carefully. And be sure you have your
answered before the procedure.

Before surgery

Follow all the instructions you are
given. Plus:

  • Tell your healthcare provider
    about any medicines you take. This includes over-the-counter medicines, herbs, and
    supplements. You may need to stop taking some or all of them before surgery.

  • Tell your healthcare provider
    if you have a pacemaker.

  • Do not take medicines
    containing aspirin or ibuprofen during the
    14 days before surgery, unless your healthcare
    provider tells you to do so.

  • Don’t drink or eat for
    8 hours before surgery.

  • Don’t wear makeup, jewelry, or contact lenses to surgery.

  • Have an adult family member
    or friend drive you home after surgery.

You may spend the night in the
hospital. This is uncommon. Your healthcare provider can talk about this possibility
with you. 


You will be given medicine to keep
you from feeling pain during surgery. This is called anesthesia. Your healthcare
provider will talk with you about the type you will have. You may have 1 of 3 types.

  • Local anesthesia. This numbs the nose and area around it. You may also be given medicine
    to relax you. But you will remain awake. Expect to hear noises and see movement during
    the surgery.

  • Monitored anesthesia care. This makes you drowsy or lightly asleep during surgery.
    You can still expect to hear some sounds.

  • General anesthesia. This puts you into a state like deep sleep during surgery. You
    will hear and remember nothing.