Weight Loss
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Weight Loss

Do you feel like no matter how healthy you eat and how hard you work out that you are never able to reach the weight loss goals you set for yourself? If you are struggling to lose weight, we are here to help.

We understand that losing weight can be just as much a physical process as an emotional and mental one. Our team of compassionate clinicians will be there for you throughout every stage of our weight loss program to ensure you receive a level of care that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Don’t let your extra weight hold you back from being the person you want to be. If you’re ready to start your weight loss journey, please contact us at A Woman’s View to schedule your initial assessment.

We offer a comprehensive medical weight loss, management and wellness program. It considers the whole woman, not just her diet. This holistic approach combines the medical expertise of a licensed healthcare provider, appropriate medication and supplements and counseling.

The program starts with a consult with one of our providers, who will address any medical reasons behind your struggles with your weight. She will order blood work, an EKG and a baseline body-fat analysis, including measurements. Patients have the option of scheduling a weight loss consult without seeing a provider first. If they choose to do so, their appointment will be with our weight loss coach, Vickie Brown, LPN. She will discuss your medical history, cost of the program, the diet and will do a body composition analysis. You can start the program at this visit, however we will schedule an appointment for you to see a provider within two weeks for follow-up and evaluation.

Your coach will meet with you regularly to discuss your eating patterns and exercise, and she will help you develop an individualized plan to help you meet your goals.