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Annual physicals. Mammograms. As a woman, you know you’ll need all of these at some point. But what’s the right time for each? Here’s a quick and easy guide to what to schedule, and when.


Routine physical exams are vital to maintaining good health. It’s how we can help you make sure you’re on the right track, and find signs of any problems as early as possible so that treatment, if needed, can be most effective.
Annual physicals are recommended for all women, even if you’re feeling great.
If you do not yet have an established relationship with one of our providers, have not been seen for more than three years, or are experiencing gynecological problems, just give us a call at 828.345.0800, and we’ll guide you to the best next step in your care.
If you already have an established provider with A Woman’s View, you are welcome to schedule your annual physical if:

  • You have been seen by your provider at any time within the last three years
  • Your last annual physical was at least 365 days ago
  • You are not currently experiencing any gynecological problems, which we cannot address during an annual physical
  • You may only schedule with your provider. If you wish to change providers, please call our office.

If you meet these guidelines, your next step is easy—just SCHEDULE ONLINE NOW!


Should you get an annual mammogram? If you are age 40 or over, the answer is absolutely YES!
Research continues to demonstrate that a mammogram once a year after age 40 SAVES WOMEN’S LIVES by increasing the chance of early detection for those who develop breast cancer.
At A Woman’s View, we make it extra easy by providing mammograms right here in our office. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Yes, you CAN conveniently schedule your mammogram on the same visit as your physical, and you can schedule both online
  • Just make sure you meet the above guidelines for your annual physical, and that you schedule the mammogram and annual physical separately, one hour apart.
  • If you had your last mammogram somewhere else, please be sure to bring the images from your last mammogram
  • If you have implants or if you have mobility limitations, please contact our office to schedule so that we can accommodate more time for your appointment.
  • If you have had a Covid vaccine or booster, you will need to schedule your mammogram 4 weeks after the last dose or booster shot.

If you meet these guidelines, your next step is easy—just SCHEDULE ONLINE NOW!


Some women may need to start mammograms at a younger age. If you’re aware of risk factors such as a close relative (for example, mother, sister, or daughter) who had breast cancer or a known genetic mutation linked to breast cancer, your provider can help you assess whether you should consider starting mammograms earlier.

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