PMS Relief

Premenstrual syndrome refers to the constellation of physical, psychological and behavioral symptoms occurring one to two weeks before the onset of a woman’s menstrual period. Common symptoms include acne, tender breasts, bloating, headaches, weight gain, feeling tired, irritability and mood changes.

To varying degrees, these symptoms afflict the majority of women. In about 10 to 15 percent of women, PMS can cause severe distress. If you are experiencing severe PMS to the point that it is affecting your family and/or job, then we will prescribe medications, but will continue to seek ways to help you cope more naturally with this condition.

We believe that PMS is a physiological problem rather than a psychological one. At A Woman’s View, each person receives individualized counseling and treatment with a strong emphasis on lifestyle changes and on nutritional and natural hormone supplements.

Some Natural Treatments of PMS Include:

  • Lifestyle changes–This might involve a low-fat diet, more exercise, and/or decreasing caffeine & alcohol consumption
  • Nutritional supplements–Some supplements that have been found to help with the symptoms of PMS include vitamin B6, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and evening primrose oil
  • Natural hormones–This might include micronized progesterone capsules or progesterone cream.

The effects of PMS can be significantly detrimental to your sense of well-being and ability to function the way you would like. The good news is that help in reaching your goal and feeling your best is available no matter what “time of the month” it is. Don’t hesitate to discuss your PMS-related issues with your A Woman’s View clinician.

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