Patient Rights & Responsibilities

We view healthcare as a partnership between you and your health care provider.  We respect your rights, values, and dignity. You will receive safe, high-quality medical care regardless of your race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, socioeconomic status, veteran status, or disability. In exchange, we ask that you recognize the responsibilities that come with being a patient, both for your own well-being, and that of your fellow patients and healthcare providers. Below we’ve listed your rights and responsibilities as a patient of A Woman’s View:

It is your responsibility to:

  • Give correct and complete information about your health status and health history.
  • Report any changes in your health status to your caregivers.
  • Ask for help or clarification when you do not understand medical words or details about your care plan.
  • Follow your care plan. If you are unable/unwilling to follow your care plan, then you are responsible for telling your care team. Your care team will explain the medical outcomes of not following the recommended treatment. You are responsible for the outcomes of not following your care plan.
  • Follow A Woman’s View facility rules and regulations.
  • Act in a manner that is respectful of other patients, staff and facility property.
  • Meet your financial obligation to A Woman’s View.

You have the right to:

  • Respect and Privacy
    • Respect in a caring and safe environment.
    • Personal privacy and confidentiality of your health information.
  • Quality Care
    • Proper evaluation and treatment.
    • Proper pain assessment and pain management.
    • Be free from restraints, except when needed to protect you or others from harm.
    • Be free from abuse.
    • Have access to protective services.
    • Spiritual services upon request.
    • Have your concerns heard and resolved when possible. If you or your designated guardian, advocate, support person or representative feel, at any time, that your rights as a patient have been violated – or you wish to share a compliment, concern or complaint, please contact the Practice Administrator of A Woman’s View at (828) 345-0800, 915 Tate Blvd SE, Suite 170, Hickory, NC  28602. Sharing your concerns and complaints will not compromise your access to care, treatment and services.
  • Information & Communication
    • Know the names and roles of those caring for you.
    • Communicate with your caregivers in a language or method you can understand.
    • Have your personal physician and a person of your choice notified when you are admitted to the hospital.
    • Be informed about your health status, recommended treatments, options, risks and benefits.
    • Information about the costs of your care and payment methods.
    • Review and receive a copy of your medical record, subject to state law and hospital policy.
  • Make Decisions
    • Be involved with your care through discussions with your caregivers.
    • Be informed of benefits and risks of your treatment options and agree to or refuse a course of action.
    • Designate a support person (or persons) of your choosing to be involved in your care when appropriate. You may restrict access of your support person at any time. A Woman’s View will not restrict your support person(s) based upon their race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, socioeconomic status, veteran status, or disability.
    • Direct your care through an Advance Directive. Advance Directives are legal forms which state your choices about the care you want to receive in serious health situations. Advance Directives are also used to name someone to make decisions for you if you cannot speak for yourself. At your request, we will help you create an Advance Directive.
    • Seek an alternate doctor or ask for a second opinion.
    • Participate in research or decline to participate in research. You may decline at any time without compromising your access to care, treatment and services.
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