We are so pleased you have chosen A Woman’s View for care during your pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum period. Our team delivers more than 700 babies per year and we have delivered more nearly 6800 babies in our history (or possibly nearly 7000 as we will reach that number by early 2022)

Team Approach

Over the course of your pregnancy, you’ll get to know each of our caring obstetrics providers. That’s why we schedule each of your visits with a different provider. This allows you to become familiar and at ease with whomever delivers your new addition. These clinicians work as a team to manage your care so you will reap the collective benefit of their expertise. Also, by operating as a group practice, our providers can attend educational courses and seminars so that they stay current regarding changes in their specialty.

One-Stop Shop

A Woman’s View is your one-stop shop for all things pregnancy-related. We offer most of the prenatal and postpartum services that you will need, including prenatal checkups, genetic testing, ultrasounds – routine and 3D, all-inclusive postpartum care and a weight management program for after delivery. We also have a convenient onsite lab so that you can get your testing done without having to run all over town.

For questions or additional assistance, please contact our telephone triage nurse, by logging into your patient portal account or by calling our office from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

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