Patient Forms

A Woman’s View believes in BEING GREEN, so we electronically capture all of your data. To support this initiative, we offer patients three convenient ways of providing information before their appointment. If you are a new patient or an established patient, you may register for our patient portal by contacting our office. Our staff will collect your email address and send you an invitation to log on. From there, you can provide us with preliminary information about your medical history, which will be electronically transmitted to your medical chart. Through the patient portal you will receive a summary after every visit, reminders of upcoming visits and important test result information.

Another option for providing us with your data electronically will be when you physically show up for your appointment. A Woman’s View staff will give you an Phreesia tablet to use for the check-in process. This electronic system will prompt you to verify your demographic information and any medical history we may need to gather or confirm. The information provided will be electronically transmitted to your patient chart.

If we have your email address on file, you may also take advantage of Phressia’s pre-check-in process before you arrive at the office. When you make an appointment, you will receive an email to open a link and begin pre-check in. The steps are very similar to the online portal check in. Through Phressia’s pre-check in, you can provide information related to demographics, insurance information and health history, and you can also make your insurance copayment prior to coming to the office. The information electronically transmits to your chart, just as it does from the Phreesia pad. For more information about Phreesia, please visit the electronic check-in system.

These are just a few ways A Woman’s View is providing our patients more private, convenient and efficient ways of gathering information and keeping you on time for your appointment.

If you have any questions about this information, please contact us at 828-345-0800.