Menopause Quiz

How Much Do You Know About Menopause?

Test your knowledge of menopause by taking this quiz.

1. At about what age does menopause typically begin?

2. A woman is considered to be in menopause after she has missed
how many menstrual cycles?

3. What factors can cause premature menopause?

4. Hot flashes are symptoms of the perimenopausal stage. How many
perimenopausal women have them?

5. A blood test can help confirm if a woman is beginning
menopause. The test measures the level of which of these?

6. What is the most serious adverse effect of menopause?

7. How much bone loss does a woman have in the first 5 years of

8. Hormone therapy eases some of the negative effects of
menopause. Which of these hormones is used?

10. If a woman experiences menopause after age 50, how long
should she continue using some form of birth control?